Stylish and modern building where you will sure like to stay. There’s two different rooms in Niemitupa. Both are 64 square meters and every room has beds for 2-4 person. Every room has own shower, toilet, kitchen and a TV. The area has also two saunas and one of the room has a fire place. Ten meters from the building is a beach patio on the lake Saimaa. A grill and a rowing boat is also available for residents.

Restaurant Rantakatti is located near.

Motor boats, rowing boats, fishing equipments can be rented at summers. Other free time services are e.g. beach volley field. And what would be a trip to Finland without a sauna? You can rent a beach sauna if you like. Younger ones can visit Mannila’s zoo of farm animals.

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Book or ask: or call +35840 829 1520

We have three rooms in Niemitupa:

60 m2, 1 room + extra bed (4 persons + 1)

20 m2, sauna cottage (2 persons + 1)

60 m2, 2 rooms + extra bed (2 + 2 + 1 persons)

Every room has its own toilet and shower.

The building is located on a beach.

The texts in first row are
Heinäkuu (hinta per henkilö per yö) -> July
Muu aika (hinta per henkilö per yö) -> The rest of the year

Prices are per person per night.

Heinäkuu (hinta per henkilö per yö)Muu aika (hinta per henkilö per yö)
Niemi 1160 €120 €
Niemi 290 €80 €
Niemi 3120 €100 €
  • Shower and toilet
  • Free WiFi (needs to be requested while placing a reservation)
  • Refrigerator
  • Satellite TV
  • Free parking

The building has also a terrace.

Book or ask: or call +35840 829 1520